BlackBeltCRM Homepage provides you accurate description of your martial arts school. See stats such as number of students per class, number of active, suspended and terminated students, financial summary, Dashboard and more)

Mobile, Tablets and Computers Ready

Martial Arts Software for smart devices

BlackBeltCRM takes a big leap into the mobile space with a total overhaul of both its front end design and administrator interface. With the adoption a new framework, BlackBeltCRM has become the first major Martial Arts Software to be mobile ready in both the visitors and administrator areas. Now every time you go to www.blackbeltcrm.com website on your mobile, tablets and computers the system will adapt to your device providing a better experience.

Student and Family Management

Martial arts software management

Student management features provide easy access to:

Increase Student Retention

BlackBeltCRM provides visual alerts and reports on students birthdays, not attending classes or falling behind in payment..a simple phone call might get them back on track at the right time.

Manage Agreements

With BlackBeltCRM you can enroll students on a month to month or long term agreements. Track expiration dates and payments.

Track Belt Rankings

Check reports on belt rank levels & attendance and know when to schedule tests for those that are ready to advance.


Keep track of attendance and get visual warnings on when student is absent for an extended period of time by color coding according to time out.

Lead Management

BlackBeltCRM provides a simple solution lead management

Create Lead

Keep track of last actions by entering history notes and follow up dates.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Email campaigns help get your message out, while BlackBeltCRM lets your customers respond to your campaign with a call-to-action.

Print Mailing Labels

BlackBeltCRM can create labels for your printed marketing materials

Search by lead type and interests

BlackBeltCRM makes it simple to search by interests and lead type. Separate your leads by interests (i.e. MMA, Karate, Kickboxing and any other type of discipline you have in you school).

Electronic Billing & Payment

Get Paid on Time

Never let your profits slip away!

Electronic Billing

Students need a copy of their latest oustanding balance? Print it on the spot or send it via e-mail in very easy steps.

Automatic Billing and Payments

Don't have time?!?!? Then set up our automatic billing functionality, tell BlackbeltCRM how many days before from the payment due date you want to process billing save and walk away. BlackBeltCRM will automatically generate invoices and e-mail them to your customer when the appointed day arrives, you will receive an e-mail notification with a listing of all the customers invoiced… Not only that, when the Due date arrives, any customer set to E-Pay will be automatically charged on the credit card previously recorded. Good bye having to remember to process billing. Let BlackkBeltCRM Auto-Billing and Merchant Services take care of that for you.

Electronic Payment

Why wait to collect your funds when you can automatically bill and process payments on the spot? Students and Family can provide their credit and debit cards and their monthly dues can be processed by a click of a button and funds deposited right on your account * * Merchant account required By - For more information contact us at Info@Anexan.com or call us at Tel: 305-280-1049.


Keep track of what is owed and how long it is past due. See balances due transactions Past Due by Days


Send out Printing or e-mail friendly reminders or collection letters right from BlackBeltCRM.

Message Center

Now Management your Students and Family easier by using BlackBeltCRM Message Center. Class changes, Upcoming event? Send e-mail to all your students or event attendees with one click!


See your critical numbers at a glance: active students, current enrollments, aging, payments and more! BlackBeltCRM dashboard is an information management tool that is used to track, metrics, and other key data points relevant to a Martial Arts business. Through the use of data visualizations, dashboards simplify complex data sets to provide users with at a glance awareness of current performance.

Camp Management

Black BeltCRM offers an innovative and easy-to-use system for managing every aspect of your camp and After School Programs. With decades of experience in both designing software and running camps, we know what you need to make your camp and business processes more efficient. From camper lead and enrollment management, to billing and financial analysis Black BeltCRM is your one-stop-shop for all of your camp management needs!

Belt And Promotions Management

BlackBeltCRM provides you with ability to save rankings and belts exam results for each member.You can define your own belts, colors, requirements, exam parameters.ades.Check reports on belt rank levels & attendance and know when to schedule tests for those that are ready to advance.

POS System

BlackBeltCRM is an easy and reliable Point of Sale System, created with a very friendly design to make your job easier. This product allows you unlimited Stores, Cashiers, and Users.


BlackBeltCRM has a versatile Inventory management Module, able to keep track your Items in details. It will give you a very good method to classify your items, excellent to organize your Store.


BlackBeltCRM is provided by a powerful Sales Module, created based on the most advanced sales and management techniques.


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